The Ethics of Citation and Interpretation: A Series

Launch: Listening Session, Friday, July 3, 2020, 12pm EST

Choosing whom and how to cite is a complex issue not limited to any single event, issue, or disgraced scholar. It pertains to how we operate as part of a scholarly community, how we produce scholarship and re-inscribe structures of power, and what it means to engage the work of others in our own work.

What are the most pressing concerns we have about citing and using the work of others? How can our citation practices contribute to a positive vision of the future of the field, making it more intellectually rigorous, more sophisticated, and more just? And how do we advise our students as they stake out their own place in the scholarly community?

This first listening session will be geared towards opening the conversation, and documenting questions and concerns you would like addressed in the series.

Our ultimate goal in the series is to collaborate on, produce, and share a set of recommendations that will have different possible options for dealing with citations, rather than hard-and-fast top-down rules.

Please use this form to RSVP. Regardless of whether you can attend the session, we welcome your contributions: please answer the questions to help shape the discussion and the series.

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