Today’s news

The BRANE Collective is horrified about today’s news that Jan Joosten has been convicted for possession of images and videos depicting the sexual abuse of children. We are angry, first of all, on behalf of the victims, and acknowledge the work of the French agencies who exposed this crime. 

We affirm that institutional affiliation, a prestigious chair, widely cited scholarship, and powerful friends must not protect him, and he will not be welcomed back in the field. 

If you are a former student or junior colleague who has lost a mentor, we offer solidarity and support. We can help rebuild your scholarly network: if you would like help connecting with other scholars in your field who will be readers of your work, interlocutors, mentors, and potential letter-writers, please contact us at We have a network of accomplished and compassionate scholars across the world, in the United States from Yale to the University of California and everywhere in between, as well as in the UK and Europe. You are not alone. 

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