“How To Write An ‘A’ Paper: An Undergraduate Writing Workshop”

This 45 minute workshop is geared for undergraduate students who want to improve their writing skills and produce stronger, clearer critical essays. The workshop will go over some basic tips and tricks that demystify the process: how to structure an essay, ways to build a critical argument, how to use sources effectively, knowing how to write for a specific audience or reader, and easy ways to keep your writing tight and focused. We will also go over how even just rethinking what it means to write a university-level essay can dramatically improve your writing and consistently lead to success in writing assignments.

The workshop will take place via zoom on NOVEMBER 23rd, 5pm EST, and will be conducted by BRANE Collective member Mark Leuchter. The signup link for the zoom session is here:


(NOTE: This workshop will be recorded and the video will be uploaded to YouTube and other media-sharing sites.)

Registration is limited so be sure to sign up early!

Mark Leuchter is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism in the Department of Religion at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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