New PhD Showcase: Esther Brownsmith, “Inconspicuous Consumption: Conceptual Metaphors of Women as Food,” with Athalya Brenner-Idan, Steed Davidson, and Meredith Warren

Date TBA! Please stay tuned


Athalya Brenner-Idan is the author of many books on the Hebrew Bible and feminist biblical criticism, including The Israelite Woman: Social Role and Literary Type in Biblical Narrative (1985, 2014), and I Am: Biblical Women Tell Their Own Stories (2004). She is a former president of the SBL and the editor (with Gale Yee) of the Text @ Contexts series.

Steed Davidson is interested in how empire shapes the Hebrew Bible and its reading. He is the author of Empire and Exile: Postcolonial Readings of Selected Texts of the Book of Jeremiah (2013), the forthcoming Prophetic Otherness: Constructions of Otherness in Prophetic Literature (2021), and other works on prophetic and historical texts through the lens of postcolonial and other critical theories.

Meredith J.C. Warren researches how food and taste function in ancient texts. She is the author of Food and Transformation in Ancient Mediterranean Literature (2019), which analyzes “hierophagy,” transformational other-wordly eating, and My Flesh Is Meat Indeed: A Nonsacramental Reading of John 6:51–58 (2015), which examines Jesus’ commandment to consume his flesh and blood alongside fictional accounts of human sacrifice.

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